Fifi Ng

What is Dance? Dance is playing, is moving my body, knowing my body. Dance is exploration and accumulation. Dance is about living and breathing. Dance is about getting along and connection. For me, dance is also a way of meditation. With different state of my body, different dancing partners, different bodies, variation of speed and space, dancing is like diving in an ever-changing vast ocean, where we always have new discovery and experience.

After I overused my brain in a wrong way at age 21, I got to know contact improvisation in summer 2018. Then I started my journey to understand myself and the world through body and are determined to continue dancing. From summer 2018, I keep participating Mimi Lo’s “Dance every day” somatic research group and “Feel Free we Jam” regular section and accumulate my dance experience there. Later, I get to know DanceAbility. I have been dancing with different people in schools and organizations with Danceability HK.

I am certified DanceAbility® Teacher trained in Hong Kong in 2019.

Current student in Sociology in CUHK.