Cliff Wong Wan Chi

Actor, Dancer, Writer and Commentator

Graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts and major was in theatre acting. She was the director, playwright and producer of the 9th Taipei Fringe Festival “Between You and Me”. She moved back to Hong Kong in 2017, then joined the Masterclass with Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski & Thomas Richards, which held by Tang Shu-Wing Theatre Studio. She wants to learn more about Grotowski’s method after that workshop. In 2018, She participated in Stephen Wangh's “An Acrobat of the Heart”- Grotowski’s method of acting training workshop in Taiwan, which held by Mobius Strip Theatre. In 2019, she will keep taking part in Stephen Wangh’s class and study Grotowski’s method.

Cliff has learnt Contact Improvisation since 2010. She had Improvisation performance in Taiwan, Wuzhen and Hong Kong. She was the dancer of Wuzhen Theatre Festival Carnival "Still Moving”, JCCAC Festival 2016 Conversations of Life—”Falling___”, Oi! Project Sparkle! Room for a Book (只是看書)—Improvisatory dance performance "The Walk of the Rose" and Le French May--”Fluctuat nec mergitur”.

Cliff is an independent writer and commentator. Her articles usually published on Hong Kong Dance Journal, Sunday Mingpao, As artistic as you and StandNews.