Susanna Wong

From year 2014 she has indulged herself in learning different types of dance. She discovered that mainstream dance companies emphasized the dogmas in defining what ‘beautiful’ is. Being beautiful can only be achieved by certain movements/postures or dancers of a particular body size. Such narrow definition is actually a hurdle, instead of an opportunity, in seeing the uniqueness in everyone’s body, and in communicating with others using our own bodies.

She believes that everyone should have the freedom to communicate by using their body, irrespective of body size, irrespective of whether one is using walking aids/breathing machine, irrespective of whether he or she is a professional dancer or is a person without any experience in dancing, irrespective of your speed in moving…When there is body, body communication is possible.

If you wish to express yourself by your body, she will be there listening. She also loves learning and raising questions.

She received her Bachelor degree in Social Work from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She has been a registered social worker (RSW) since 2015. Now she is studying MA in Philosophy in CUHK.